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moon stud earrings white gold 10k screw backs
moon heart tiny dainty earrings 10k solid gold
moon stud earrings screw backs 10k gold
tiny moon studs solid white gold 10k screw backs
10k gold earrings real gold studs
tiny moon studs solid gold 10k screw backs

Tiny moon stud earrings 10K gold


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SKU: BFG-0047


Introducing our Tiny Moon Stud Earrings. Each delicate earring features a petite crescent moon, a celestial symbol of grace and wonder, delicately sculpted from shimmering white gold of the finest quality. These celestial adornments are forged with 10-karat white gold or 10K solid yellow gold, known for its timeless beauty and enduring luster.

The Tiny Stud Earrings effortlessly capture the essence of celestial magic, offering a subtle yet enchanting allure to any outfit. Their petite size makes them perfect for those seeking a dainty and understated elegance that whispers rather than shouts.

With screw backs provide that a secure and reliable fastening mechanism for earrings that be screwed tightly onto the earring post, ensuring that the earring stays securely in place. This reduces the risk of accidental loss or damage, giving you peace of mind when wearing your precious earrings.


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